Become a Gifting Hut Affiliate

Join our new affiliate program, whether you have a business, website, blog or you have a Facebook group or page, and even if you’re just a regular person looking for ways to earn an extra few pounds now and then! Our referral program reward is that, for every person you refer that makes a successful order you will earn up to 10% commission for each order. You will have access to your own personal link to share and images specifically made for attracting your target.

Best of all it’s free!

Affiliate program launched 07/10/21
We will add more marketing content as we grow but take a look today.

How it works

  1.  Apply for an account
  2. Once accepted login into your account
  3. Use your special link on your website, blog or your own Facebook or Twitter profiles, etc 
  4. When someone clicks your link and comes to our website and purchases from us for an order of £25 or more you will earn up to 10% commission
  5. You can use our images which are available under the affiliate link tab.
  6. Make sure you use your link with the image to track your referral.
  7. Once you reach £25 we can pay this at the end of the month to your Paypal account.
  8. Commission starts at 5% and grows up to 10% depending on your reach. 
  9. All affiliates are reviewed on a 3 month basis.